Named after the Maori word for black, the Mangu Straight Shaft Paddle strikes a perfect balance between performance and durability. Perfect for paddlers looking for a high performance feel without compromising on reliability. One-piece and two-piece available in right and left hand feathers.


  • Outer Carbon sleeve combined with layers of carbon uni laminated within the cedar core creates the perfect balance between performance and durability.
  • A ten degree angle at the end of the shaft gives the blade a slight forward off-sett without having to alter the powerful and balanced catch of the blade.
  • The ergonomic grip profile provides intuitive blade alignment and greater control with less grip pressure. Two grip sizes available.

Looking for a backup breakdown or travel paddle that feels and performs like a one-piece and is just as durable? You've found it!

The Mangu Bent Shaft is available in a two-piece. Our unique internal locating and clamping mechanism creates a super positive joint that won't wear or loosen over time, and has no external or protruding mechanisms. A simple 180 degree turn with the supplied Allen key will set or release the clamp. Because the joint has a built in locator, you will want to choose a feather when ordering.


  • Combining the unique properties of Carbon, Innegra and S-Glass creates a light, stiff and extremely durable blade skin.
  • A combination of hard-wearing Dynel cord and carbon unidirectional fibers prevents gradual wear and adds strength and rigidity to the blades edges.
  • A progressive, double-concave, dihedral profile combined with an aggressive catch generates more power from less blade area while also providing greater balance and control.

The result is a tough, lightweight, high performance blade that has the power of a much bigger blade but is also extremely well balanced and forgiving.



680 cm2


191, 193, 195, 197, 199, 201, 203, 204, 206


1100 g  +/- 50 g

One and two piece available in left and right, 0, 15, 30, 45, and 60 degree feathers.

We recommend a 30-degree feather!

If you are at all unsure about what feather angle you want, or just curious why we recommend 30 degrees, we have some more info and an exercise for you to follow that we hope will help you decide.

Please refer to the table below for paddle length recommendations. They are based on years of customer feedback, the most common of which has been buying a paddle that is too long.

The table shows a height range, and correlates that to a paddle length range. We can't account for every physical attribute so you need to consider your build, strength, fitness, paddling style, discipline etc. Newer paddlers should consider the shorter end of the range.

Height range


Padddle length range



203 to 206

6'2 to 6'4

199 to 204

6'0 to 6'2

199 to 203

5'10 to 6'0

197 to 201

5'8 to 5'10

197 to 201

5'6 to 5'8

195 to 197

5'4 to 5'6

193 to 195

5'2 to 5'4

191 to 195

5'0 to 5'2

191 to 193

Please contact us if you need a left hand feather or any length not listed here.

The Mangu comes with a Flex rating of 9 out of 10, 1 being very flexible and 10 being very stiff. Although the Mangu feels like a very stiff responsive paddle, it has different characteristics to a hollow core carbon shaft in that it will become more forgiving under heavy loads and will better absorb shock loading. This makes it easier on your body.

Choose between Standard and Small grip sizes. The Standard grip has an average diameter of 31mm and is the size of choice for most paddlers. The Small Grip has an average diameter of 29mm.